Your Stylist’s Worst Enemy

Do you want to hear a secret?

Well it’s not really a secret….

The salon’s public enemy #1 is….box dye!


You know. the kind you get at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart etc. No, it’s not that we are greedy and want you to be chemically dependent on us forever. The facts are that at-home dye kits can make any future service you get 10x more difficult (especially if you want to lighten your hair), they are very aggressive and can damage your hair without proper after care, and are VERY unpredictable.

There’s a lot more to color than you may think. Your colorist evaluates your hair and creates a formula customized for you. There’s a lot to consider such as previous color, the condition of your hair, your natural color level, your percentage of grey, whether or not you will want to change your color again and so forth. Also, you may notice that sometimes your stylist will use more than one color formula on you!

A common mishap of box dye is the dreaded “hot root”. Let’s say you want to go a little lighter for summer. You’ve been dying your hair for a while now and you figure if you put this light brown over your medium brown hair it will be fine. WRONG. What will happen is all the new growth will be nice and light (and probably a bit on the brassy side) and the rest of your hair will be nice and…the same color it was before. On the flip side, let’s say your ends are a little more damaged or porous than the rest of your hair, they will soak up more dye and become darker!

Another common mishap of box dye is the “I didn’t like my haircolor/highlights, so I colored over it myself.” This one can be especially frustrating to stylists because if you are unsatisfied with our work PLEASE LET US KNOW! We want you to be happy and feel beautiful! Putting dye on yourself is especially risky over blondes/highlights because after a shampoo or two your highlights will be whatever the undertone of that dye was, be it blue, green, orange or red.

Color corrections take hours and can be quite expensive.


So if you want to go from the picture on the left to the picture on the right, for the love of God, see a professional!


By Jessica Wilkins – Stylist

Jess Wilkins Hair

NEW! Extreme Length

It’s Finally Here!


Redken’s Extreme Length System is now available in the salon!

I am very excited to announce that we now have Redken’s Extreme Length system in the salon for purchase. It. Is. AMAZING! If you have been trying to grow your hair and feel like it is taking an eternity (like myself) then I urge you to pick it up and try it.

Hair grows 3-6″ in one year. The key to getting the maximum growth of 6″ is by keeping your hair healthy. Extreme Length contains biotin and a protein complex which forms bonds around the hair fibers to strengthen and preserve length. If your hair is growing at the root but breaking off the ends you’re not going to make any progress! Not only does this system make your hair feel fantastic but it reduces the appearance of split ends.


Follow these 3 steps:

1. Shampoo with Redken’s Extreme shampoo.

2. Towel dry hair and apply the Extreme Length Primer. Leave on 2-5 minutes  and rinse.

3. Apply the Extreme Length Sealer on your ends. It can be applied to damp or dry hair.

If you’re interested in trying it out first, book an appointment with one of our stylist for an in-salon treatment (service price: $20). Mention this blog post for $5 off!



Rio Takes Las Vegas!

This past week seven  of our amazingly talented stylists traveled to the FABULOUS Las Vegas to attend the 2015 Redken Symposium. This is the largest single-manufacturer education event in the world! They left wide-eyed and eager to learn and returned more motivated and inspired than ever!


Kris, Laura, Megan, Melissa, Misty, Shelby and myself (Jess) embarked on this adventure last Friday January 23rd. Once we arrived we immediately began exploring this beautiful city. To us there was so much to see and do and so little time!

070The first night we were there truly was a magical night because one of our stylists received the surprise of her life! Our little Meggy GOT ENGAGED! It really was the most romantic thing I have ever witnessed. We are so happy for her and cannot wait to be with her every step of the way!

groupAfter a couple of days of exploring Sunday rolled around and it was time to get to work! We all visited Sam Villa’s Hairshow, an amazing blow dry bar, to get #redkenready for the opening event that night.

101Of course we had the best seats in the house for the show! It was an amazing display of all the educators, artists and models we would be seeing and learning from the following days in class. I must say, when Redken throws a party, they REALLY throw a party! They pulled out all the stops and made it incredible.

255 293 258353

The next day classes began and we were given the opportunity to learn from the most innovative, talented and creative artists from around the world!


We also were able to bring back some goodies! We have a sneak peak at some new products Redken will be releasing this year. We are very excited to be ahead of the game with new styling and color products that will take your hair to the next level.


I know I don’t speak for myself when I say I cannot wait for Redken Symposium 2017! This was one of the greatest experiences of my life and now I’m ready to practice what I’ve learned and create some truly incredible hair!

To book an appointment with one of us call Rio @ 904-733-8495 and experience the difference of an inspired, motivated and knowledgeable stylist!

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Blow Dry 101


In honor of our upcoming Blow Dry Bootcamp I decided to do a tutorial on how to create a fun, wearable, everyday blow out at home. As my clients and co-stylists know, I love doing blow outs! Essentially, I am sculpting and molding your hair into a shape that is most flattering for your face. You too can do this and it’s not as hard as you think!


So Lets Get Started!



Before you can begin, you have to have the appropriate products and tools for the job!



The tools you’ll need are: sectioning clips, a detangling brush, a round brush and a styling brush.

My go to brushes are the Wet Brush, Sam Villa’s Thermal Round Brush and Sam Villa’s bamboo styling brush.

After cleansing and conditioning…


Get as much excess moisture out as possible with your towel and use your Wet Brush to get out all the tangles.


First, (shake well!) spray on your Pillow Proof Express Primer. Immediately after, apply your Full Frame 07 Volumizing Mousse liberally through the hair and at the scalp (especially in the crown area of your head).


Next, dry your hair to 80% dry. Be sure to get the hair at the scalp! (This step is very important! It makes your life a whole lot easier when we’re ready to start using the round brush!)


After you’re 80% dry,


Clip up and out of the way the hair above your ears.


Here is where it gets a little tricky but with some practice you’ll be a pro in  no time. For these steps I recommend turning your head to the side so it is easier for you to reach the hair in the back of your head. You want to be sure to keep good tension on your hair as this is what makes it nice and smooth. Once the hair is completely dry (and I mean COMPLETELY dry) use your brush like a roller and roll the hair up while keeping the heat on it. Once rolled up, switch to the cool setting on your blow dryer to set the curl. Pull your brush down and out leaving a nice, smooth, loose curl.


The next two sections are the hair above the ears. Isolate the hair at the very top of your head for the final section. Again, I suggest tilting your head to the side so you can get maximum volume and so your arms don’t fall off! You want to dry the hair coming straight OUT from the head. Notice the aerial picture in the upper right corner of the collage. I am pulling the hair straight out from the head here. Again, use your brush like a roller, heat and cool, leaving a smooth, loose curl.


The final section is the top of the head. Blow dry this section straight out from the head as well. Unless you have either short hair or really long arms you will want to bend at the waist to be able to do this easier. Again, use the brush as a roller, heat and cool.


When you stand back up you should look like a crazy person with crazy hair (but with great volume!)


Next you want to break out your styling brush and tame that hair down. Focus on smoothing it out and molding the hair into a unified shape.


Finally, using your Wind Blown 05, spray the interior of your hair. Lift your layers and spray liberally into the inside of your style. This will give you more volume and body and ultimately create a wind blown effect. Finish the look with some Forceful 23 hairspray for lasting hold.

Congratulations, beautiful! You’re done!


For more tips, tricks, styles and techniques join us on Wednesday February 18th at 6pm for Blow Dry Bootcamp! Spaces are limited so be sure to stop in or give us a call to sign up.

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A New Year, A New You



We want you to find your best self this year & we want to help by providing top of the line beauty products & services to enhance your look. This is why we are offering our favorite sale, 20% off all Redken & Pureology products that are New to You! This allows you to purchase products you’ve seen your stylist use on you to create your own perfect look at home. Also we are offering $20 off any new service $50 or more, with select stylists & 10% off services on Tuesdays with select stylists. Call Rio at 904/733-8495 to book your appointments now.

Keep a look out! Our Blow Dry Boot Camp will be back in February & the slots fill up quick. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with sign-ups & our latest promotions.

Glittery New Year


Nothing says New Year like glitter & Redken’s new Color Rebel Glitter Spray is the perfect

accessory for bringing in 2015! If you really want to stand out in the New Year try Redken’s Color Rebel

Temporary Hair Makeup. Show this Blog Post & receive 20% of All Redken Color Rebel Products.

Happy New Year!glitter_zpsbeabb477

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Holiday Gift Ideas According to Rio

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 6.05.00 PM


Looking for some great gifts this season? New boutique items came in just this week! Come by & browse for your friends and your family or pick out something to treat yourself. These new readers are popular & come in many shapes, sizes, & strengths. Find one that matches your personality or your holiday outfits.








New Jewelry, scarves & other fun accessories have also just come in. Come check out our unique selection of boutique gifts today!

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 5.48.11 PM                                         Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 5.48.24 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-11 at 5.47.12 PM



 Don’t forget to stuff the stockings!! We have the ever popular Poo-pourri in Original, No. 2, & Santa’s Secret Fragrances. We also have Travel Sizes of our favorite shampoo’s, conditioners, & styling products available. Nothing says Merry Christmas like the gift of hair care! Travel sizes are $3 each or 3 for $10. And with a purchase of 3 you receive a free make-up bag! Come in now before the free bag giveaway ends!

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 5.51.12 PM

We hope you got some great gift ideas for this Holiday season. But if you still can’t decide a Rio Hair Studio Gift Certificate will always be a crowd pleaser. This year we are offering a free Redken Pillow Proof Dry Shampoo with the purchase of a $25 Gift Certificate. Rio is the place to shop this year for all of your Holiday Gifts!!

This Season’s Sales!

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 6.39.10 PM

Great Season for Hair & Gift Sets

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 5.02.53 PM


Redken & Pureology Gift Set’s are currently marked down!! They make great gifts for friends &

family this holiday season or it makes a great way to treat yourself! Stop by Rio now because

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