Highly Trained, Certified Colorist in Jacksonville

It takes talent and training to handle all textures of hair – our team is up to the challenge! Our certified stylists receive ongoing education to ensure they are equipped with the latest information to handle all hair types. Whether you want to make your straight hair curly, or your curly hair straight, or hide some of that gray or add a few highlights for a sexy new look, you can feel confident that we will make your hair look its best.

We offer a range of treatments and techniques, from traditional Hilighting, Ombre, Color Melt to “Balayage” (hand-painted color that is low-maintenance and very natural looking). Our stylists keep up with the latest fashions and procedures, always sharing ideas and suggestions for improvement. We work in a collaborative environment, and we are perfectly happy to consult with each other to ensure that every client receives the best advice and the best service. Our goal is your satisfaction, every time.