Your Stylist’s Worst Enemy

Do you want to hear a secret?

Well it’s not really a secret….

The salon’s public enemy #1 is….box dye!


You know. the kind you get at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart etc. No, it’s not that we are greedy and want you to be chemically dependent on us forever. The facts are that at-home dye kits can make any future service you get 10x more difficult (especially if you want to lighten your hair), they are very aggressive and can damage your hair without proper after care, and are VERY unpredictable.

There’s a lot more to color than you may think. Your colorist evaluates your hair and creates a formula customized for you. There’s a lot to consider such as previous color, the condition of your hair, your natural color level, your percentage of grey, whether or not you will want to change your color again and so forth. Also, you may notice that sometimes your stylist will use more than one color formula on you!

A common mishap of box dye is the dreaded “hot root”. Let’s say you want to go a little lighter for summer. You’ve been dying your hair for a while now and you figure if you put this light brown over your medium brown hair it will be fine. WRONG. What will happen is all the new growth will be nice and light (and probably a bit on the brassy side) and the rest of your hair will be nice and…the same color it was before. On the flip side, let’s say your ends are a little more damaged or porous than the rest of your hair, they will soak up more dye and become darker!

Another common mishap of box dye is the “I didn’t like my haircolor/highlights, so I colored over it myself.” This one can be especially frustrating to stylists because if you are unsatisfied with our work PLEASE LET US KNOW! We want you to be happy and feel beautiful! Putting dye on yourself is especially risky over blondes/highlights because after a shampoo or two your highlights will be whatever the undertone of that dye was, be it blue, green, orange or red.

Color corrections take hours and can be quite expensive.


So if you want to go from the picture on the left to the picture on the right, for the love of God, see a professional!


By Jessica Wilkins – Stylist

Jess Wilkins Hair

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