What’s New at Rio: Curls 101

 Rio Welcomed Gaby Miley from Redken!



Last week we were happy to welcome Gaby Miley, Redken Educator and Curl Expert. We were so excited to work with her and learn the latest techniques as well as some tips and tricks to provide the best possible experience for our curly haired guests. We learned so much and can’t wait to put our new knowledge to work!


We learned some great cutting techniques designed to work with the curls. We realize that our clients with wavy and curvy hair like to have the ability to have a “dual identity” and wear their hair smooth or natural so her step-cutting technique allows just that! For curly and springy hair we learned ways to remove bulk and blend the dreaded “puppy ears” (curly haired readers know exactly what I am talking about!)


Here’s one of our beautiful models Erika! We put our diffusing skills to the test and learned some very useful information about Redken’s Curvaceous line and proper diffuser technique.

Gaby was one of the best educators I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She has such a wonderful personality and her teaching abilities are amazing.


For those not familiar with Redken’s Curvaceous Line it includes the following:

Sulfate-Free Cream Shampoo

Leave-In or Rinse-Out Conditioner

Ringlet Perfecting Lotion

Full Swirl Cream-Serum

Wind Up Reactivating Spray

Curl Dive Nourishing Mask

Wave Ahead Texturizing Mousse

With all of these products in our arsenal we can custom make a care and styling plan specifically for your curls. There is definitely something for everybody. Consult with your stylist about proper usage and what steps you need to take to achieve those beautiful bouncy curls or textured undone waves!


We really appreciate everything Gaby brought to us. The education she has given us is truly a gift. Our team is unstoppable! Come in and consult with one of our stylists to get your curls under control and ready for the summer!

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Photos courtesy of Laura Carmichael

Written By: Jess Wilkins – Stylist Rio Hair Studio

Curly Hair Solutions




Curly Hair Solutions is our brand new line for our curly clients. There are many struggles and misconceptions of styling any type of curly hair. Curly Hair Solutions has invented products to help all curl types to achieve a frizz-free easy style. With education and combinations of the correct products you can soon be the master of your curls! For more information visit the Curly Hair Solutions website or ask a stylist at your next appointment at Rio Hair Studio.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 6.10.09 PM



Need total control for your frizzy hair? Curl Keeper allows you to have frizz-free curls day after day. This product reactivates with water staying effective in humid weather and lasts days without build-up.

Recommended for all curl types.

Directions: comb through wet hair from root to end and allow to dry without touching the curls. To restyle, activate with water.





Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 6.05.17 PM



This gel gives the ultimate holding power  without flakiness. It provides style and support without the look and feel of typical gels. And it doesn’t leave build-up on the hair after continues use.

Recommended for loose and medium curl types.


Directions: distribute evenly on wet or towel dried hair. To restyle, activate with water.




Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 6.05.31 PM


Tweek is a creamed hairspray. It eliminates flyways, adds volume, bounce and shine for days without causing build-up.

Recommended for loose and medium curl types.


Directions: apply to dry hair by emulsifying in hands. Scrunch slowly from root to end.





Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 6.05.45 PM

The Silk Leave-in Conditioner eliminates flyways by smoothing the cuticle. Its non-greasy formula doesn’t leave build-up and leaves your hair feeling soft and silky.

Recommended for medium to tight curl types.


Directions: apply to clean, wet hair from root to ends. Do not rinse out.