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We know it takes talent and training to handle all textures of hair – our team is up to the challenge! Whether your hair is fine or thick, curly or straight, our stylists can give you the best cut or color to suit your busy lifestyle, make a fashion statement, or help you land the perfect job. We’ll greet you with a refreshing beverage and then we encourage you to browse our shopping area.  We work in a collaborative environment, and we are perfectly happy to consult with each other to ensure that every client receives the best advice and the best service.  For your convenience, we offer free consultations and free bang trims. Prices will vary depending on time and stylist.  We guarantee our products and services 100%. Our goal is your satisfaction, every time.


Haircutting is the Foundation:

Short Cuts

30 min or less

Pixie, Clipper Cuts :Short cuts can be worn by all genders. Cut with Clippers or Shears, let us create your unique look.

Prices starts at $29

Medium Length Cuts

30 to 60 Min

Chin length or just below the shoulders. One length Bob, Lobe or Bixie. Styled with Volume and control for any mood.

 Prices start at $49

Long Hair Cuts

60 to 75 mins

Below collar bone to mid back. Long layers, Shag, Face Frame or any variation. The timing/price depends on density and styling.

Prices start at $54

Dry Cut – No Blowout

30 min or less

Dry cut (no Blowout) Some cuts just require a touch up or dusting. Come with your hair damp or dry so we can Freshen your look quickly!

Prices starts at $35

Special Textures / Curly

75 to 120 Min

We are certified in Mizani “Aircut”. This process and requires clients to prep hair before coming. We will shape your curls and give them life.

 Prices start at $100

Express Yourself Through Hair Color:

Base Color

30 to 45 min

Regular maintenance, single process color, using 4oz or less applied to 1 to 2 inches of new growth.  Grey coverage blending blend can be achieved. This process can be added to some hiliting techniques.

Prices starts at $55


60 to 120 Min

This hair-painting technique creates points of light with a rooted/lived in look. Blondes, Brunettes or Redheads can experience this dimensional look. This is a low maintenance high impact effect.  Does include a 4oz Glaze

Prices start at $175


60 to 120 Min

This foiling process can be similar to balayage but hair is processed in foils, allowing hair to lift faster. It also allows for more than one color choice creating overall dimensional color. Does include a 4oz Glaze.

Prices start at $175

Face Frame Hi-light

30 to 45 min

This technique gives you 5 to 10 foils that are strategically placed around your hairline to add brightness to your face creating a sun kissed or money piece look.

Prices starts at $10 per foil

Partial Hilite / Lowlite

60 to 75 Min

This traditional tech uses foil to add blonding/browning to your hair in the crown and above the ears to the hairline.  Foil will create separation and blend with your natural color.

Prices start at $110

Full Foil Hilite

60 to 120 Min

This foiling techniques places slices, weaves or pieces of your hair in foil.  The placement determines the dimensional effect all over the head. Density and color choice will affect timing and outcome.

Prices start at $125

Platinum Card

75 to 180 min

This specialized technique is used for a major color change or a color correction.  All of your hair is placed in foil leaving very little dimension. Density and previous color will affect timing and outcome.

Prices starts at $300


30 to 45 Min

Theses stand alone or add on color glazes are a conditioning demi permanent color that can tone, enhance, or enrich your hair.  Usually applied from roots to ends, it will add shine and softness.

Prices start at $45

Blow Dry And Styling:

Blow Dry

30 to 45 min

Shampoo, condition and have your hair dried for your hair for a night on the town or a new job.  We will make your hair shine and frizz free for the confidence you need.

Prices starts at $40

Curling Or Additional Styling

15 Min

Sometimes a blowout is not enough.  We will be happy to flat iron or curl your hair for an additional charge.  This will cover the time it takes to make you look fabulous. 

Prices start at $10

Special Occasion/Wedding

60 To 75 min

Your special day can be in salon or on site.  Take a deep breath and know that our reliable staff will be there.  Book a consult, trial run, and then we can make your beautiful hair happen.

Quotes available with consult.

Extensions Make Your Hair Fuller / Longer:


We offer all forms of Extensions.  Our Stylists are Bellami Certified and will bring you the Best Quality Hair Extensions on the market.  We will match your hair color and add length or fullness or both.  Let our stylists guide you on your journey and answer all the questions you have about this newest and growing service.

Tape Ins

Individually taped extensions are added to your hair to create fullness or length.  These extensions will need to be removed and reinstalled every 6 to 8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.  Free 15 to 20 min consultation with your stylist for pricing.


These extensions are individual hair pieces that are heated and glued to your hair close to the root. The safe and gentle keratin bond allows for natural movement. Free 15 to 20 min consultation with your stylist for pricing.


These, copper silicone covered, beaded strands are installed strand by strand to your natural hair without using glue or heat.  These are great for thinning hairlines.  They are the most gentle on your hair, and look natural. Free 15 to 20 min consultation with your stylist for pricing

Hand Tied

This technique uses wefts of hair that are sewn onto your natural hair.  These wefts will stay in place for 4 to 6 months and will be able to be reused if taken care of properly. Free 15 to 20 min consultation with your stylist for pricing.

Texture Changes And Treatments:

Smoothing Treatment

120 To 180 Min

Matrix Opti-Smooth is not a Keratin treatment.  This is a thio based permanent relaxer that has a protein component.  It will leave natural or color treated hair soft and manageable.  It is not for Bleach blondes. Consultation required.

Prices start at $200

Permanent Waves

120 To 180 Min

The process of making straight hair curly is making a come-back!  A few of our stylists do this service, so make your appointment asap.  We require a consult and deposit on big projects.

Price starts at $150

Acidic Bonding Treatment

20 Min

This superior conditioning treatment from Redken, is based on the science of your hair.  In 20 minutes, it will return your damaged hair back to its natural acidic state adding shine and movement.

Price starts at $25

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